House Rules for Battlefield

January 20, 2016 - Miscellany

This applies to both Battlefield and Battlefield – American Civil War edition.

This variant was shared with me this past weekend by a player who wanted more decision-making in the game. Very simply, after laying down their three face-up cards on the line (a random draw), both players pull THREE cards from their deck as reinforcements instead of only one. Then one of these three cards is laid upon each of the three columns. The players reveal their three face-down cards simultaneously and play them out as normal.

It allows the players to wield much more power during each skirmish, and also means that they will risk more because they MUST lay down all three reinforcement cards. In addition, it makes the commitment of forces on the line less obvious than placing just one reinforcement card.

I like it! I’ll be playing this variation a few times, but it may just find its way into the next edition of the rules. If so, I will provide a new PDF with the update in place for folks who already own the game. (It’ll also be posted at for download.)

Thanks to Jon and Devon for this one!  — D.M.

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