Sancti et Malum : The Faithful and the Fallen

March 9, 2016 - Published Games
Sancti et Malum : The Faithful and the Fallen

SanctiEtMalumCardBackThis little cards-and-dice game is on the short list to publish very soon. It’s a cooperative game that can be played by one to four players, pitting the Angelic Host against the Armies of Hell in a card-and-dice fest. Carefully balanced to make every game a new challenge, the deck of 18 cards is uniquely designed to provide 48 possible roles. Also included are cards for score keeping and player aids, plus the six dice used to resolve each conflict in these battles of Armageddon. A great filler, and extremely portable, the game takes only 10 to 20 minutes to play. Players choose which Angels to bring to the battle from a hand of cards as Satan’s Host appears to meet them.

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