Beggar’s Banquet

June 16, 2017 - Published Games
Beggar’s Banquet

Beggar’s Banquet is a game of survival in Medieval Europe – but it’s not your usual knights and barbarians conflict or “Merchants in the Mediterranean”. In this case, you find yourself at the other end of the social spectrum as beggars seeking alms from passers-by in a Medieval village. Ply your trade along the street, deal with the local merchants and constabulary, seek the mercy of the church, and hope for a coin or scrap of food from the generous patrons and travelers in the town. In the end, the most successful beggar is the one who can inspire the most compassion from the gentry, and will finish the game with the most food in his beggar’s secret lair. Will you survive to partake of the Beggar’s Banquet?


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