Seeking Playtesters!

June 20, 2020 - Miscellany, Unpublished Games
Seeking Playtesters!

I have a half dozen new game designs now ready for playtesting. I’m looking for folks who would like to play these new games and let me know how it goes! (There is a form.) I can send a copy of the game through the mail, and it includes a stamped envelope to send you evaluation back to me.

The first game on the list is “Bonnets, Bustles, and Boots.” It’s a card game for three players in which each player is trying to win Fan Cards which are worth points. It’s sort of a blind-bidding / trick taking game, but there’s a twist: you can decide to use your Fan card in a bid, which sacrifices its point value to (hopefully) win a Fan Card with a higher point value in the round.

If you’re interested in trying this game, send me an email: newventuregames@gmail.ocm and I will follow up with you. Thanks for your interest!

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