About NewVenture

“Yup – it’s me. I design games. In fact, I have been doing so for many years.”

profMarvelI hope you came to play my game,
I think the game’s worth trying.
And if you find you feel same,
I hope you feel like buying!

Some games I show are good to go.
The retailers will send them.
Pay a visit to their site,
I’m sure it won’t offend them.

If you might explore the site
Beyond the games you see,
I trust you’ll find some cool delight
And more stuff about me.

Thanks for your interest in NewVenture Games by David McCord.

This game design thing is a hobby for me – a creative outlet (along with many others).

I’ve been collecting games for many years now. I think the total is well over the 1,500 mark by this time. Some are antiques and oddballs, while some are mainstream retail standards. I’m also into historical games – that is, games that have been around since forever. I teach games, run an occasional tournament and workshop, and play games, too (but never enough).

I’ll be sharing games on this site which are finished – published and available for purchase. I’ll be sharing games that are almost there – in the test-and-tweak stage of development. There will even be games that are only in the concept stage. A germ of an idea, or a process that needs to be refined into a playable pastime.

Anyhow, I’m glad you could stop by my humble website. Have a look around, and if you see anything that grabs your attention, drop me an e-mail. Play on!