House Rules for Battlefield
This applies to both Battlefield and Battlefield – American Civil War edition. This variant was shared with me this past weekend by a player who [...]
A 25% Discount Code!
A 25% Discount Code!
Yes, it’s true. Purchase a NewVenture game from Red Hen Toys, enter the Coupon Code MCCORD2015 at check-out, and you’ll get 25% off! Click [...]
Some promotional literature for those of us who like ink on paper. I call them “Pitch Pages” – a short summary of each: PitchPage-BF_2015 [...]
Shiny new website!
Greetings gamers, and welcome to the all-new NewVenture site! Watch this space for news and information about the board games and card games in the [...]
Welcome to NewVenture Games
Welcome to NewVenture Games
Welcome! I hope you came to play my game, I think the game’s worth trying. And if you find you feel same, I hope you feel like buying! Some games I [...]