What? Me Blog?

  • July 24, 2020
  • Posted by David McCord
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Welcome to the new NewVenture Games website, a showcase for games designed by me, and some public-domain games repackaged for modern audiences. Hope you enjoy your stay.

This is my first entry in the Blog department. “Web Log” is like the “Captain’s Log” but on the web, right? It’s been truncated to “blog” without the w and the e.

Anyhow, I’ll be using these pages to share info (and maybe pontificate a bit) on the subject of table-top games. I'm qualified to do so (so they tell me) because of my life-long emphatuation with games. I've been playing for almost 60 years! And I've been collecting games for the past 30 years or so. I have well over 1600 games in my stash now.

They used to be called “parlor games” (and still should be, except that no one knows what a parlor is any more). This includes games played at a table, sometimes on the floor, sometimes in a moving vehicle, and frequently online.


My challenge is to generate content on a regular basis on that subject. Since I play games, study games, design games, buy games, collect games, and want more games, I suppose this is appropriate. I hope to expound upon current commercial offerings, traditional (vintage?) mass-market products, historical games, and my own game design experiences.

Where to start? Someone suggested I start with a list of the games in my collection and just write something about each one. "That should keep you busy," they said. Yeah - one game per week = over 30 year's worth of articles. I should live so long.

I suppose I copuld generate my own checklist of stuff to write about, but PLEASE suggest and challenge me with some topic that you might want to know more about. I’ll delve into my vast resources and enlighten as best I can.

The next article (blog entry) will be a little more targeted to a specific subject. I’ll know what it is when I start typing (is it still called typing?). Thanks for your attention and consideration - I’ll share again soon.

* * *