A New Set of Ancient Egyptian Strategy Games

A New Set of Ancient Egyptian Strategy Games

For the board game historian and collector… or a casual family game night.

As a major resource for historical strategy board games, we’re pleased to announce the introduction of our new set of five ancient board games dating back to the age of the pharaohs in Egypt. This collection includes five two-player games that were popular over three thousand years ago. In addition to their historical value, they’re fun!

We’re adding these five new games to the existing catalog of “Peg Pastimes” historical games from around the world. Our existing collection includes over 40 games reproduced from centuries past, from 100 to 5,000 years old. This new set of Egyptian games introduces a new larger format for our peg games.

The new games are twice the size of previous offerings, designed as an integrated set. The games include:

  • Aseb — Also known as “The Game of 20 Squares”, Aseb is at least 4,000 years old.
  • Hounds & Jackals — A game played by the ruling class, also called the Palm Tree Game.
  • Mahen — Called “The Snake Game” due to the board which resembles a coiled serpent.
  • Senet — Still played today, Senet was a favorite during the First Dynasty, ca. 3,000 BCE.
  • Tab — Popular throughout North Africa, it’s the earliest known “running fight” game.

Following a series of successful Kickstarter crowd-funding campaigns, we’re pleased to make this package available to the game-playing community for funding. This Ancient Egypt set is our seventh KickStarter offering, and we’re certain it’ll be another huge success!

These games are perfect for families looking for new, fun games to play, but especially suited to the classroom and libraries. Because the rule booklets convey some of the historical context of the games, they become a gateway to understanding ancient societies and the adventures one can discover in archeological records.

They’ll be available on KickStarter on September 9, 2022! Click here to get started!

The Table-Top Game Trend is Thousands of Years Old

The Table-Top Game Trend is Thousands of Years Old

“Wherever humans traveled—for trade, for conquest, or simply for survival—they took their games with them.” The historic board games they played offer insights into their cultures, what was important to them, and how they spent their precious free time. Above all, these games are fun and challenging, which is why they’ve survived for centuries.

I’ve been playing and collecting board games for over 60 years and my collection has grown to well over 1,700 games, ranging from 19th century curiosities to plastic toy-games of the 1960s to modern “hobby games.”

My new book – Peg Pastimes – will take you on a journey through 50 centuries of game-playing with stories and instructions for over 40 of the most popular games in human history. It’s a compilation of rules from all these games in one volume, along with an overview of each game’s history. This 168-page book includes a glossary of game-playing terms and game board graphics that you can reproduce for your own enjoyment.

Click here to purchase your copy from Red Hen today!

5 NewVenture Games for Summer Fun without Screen Time

5 NewVenture Games for Summer Fun without Screen Time

Parents: Do you already feel like surrendering the screen time battle this summer? Don’t give up yet! At NewVenture Games, we hand craft experiences the family can share without staring at a screen. Games for poolside, for a picnic table, and even play-and-pass while you’re on the road.

Here are five games everyone in the family can learn fast, carry anywhere, and play on the go. There’s plenty of time left to make this a summer to remember.

1. Achi is a traditional game from North Africa that takes the idea of tic-tac-toe to a whole new level. It’s simple and fast, and one of our most popular Peg Pastime games!
2. Dozo is a great choice if you’re looking for a 2- or 3-player experience. This game from Japan is about making triangles out of colored pegs, but anyone can use any color peg. You must watch carefully for ways to make triangles large or small to win.
3. Len Choa is a two-player strategy game that comes from Southeast Asia. It’s a challenging contest between tigers and leopards competing to see which can become king of the jungle. The triangular board looks simple, but each of the big cats has their own strategy.
4. Nine Men’s Morris is one of the oldest and most popular games in the world, dating back thousands of years. Two players are attempting to place pegs that form rows of three, and each time they do, they can remove an opponent’s peg. It’s a classic!
5. Victor or Victim? is a fast and fun card game for 3 to 5 players that can be played on any small tabletop (or a large one!). Play and pass cards to spell Victor in a single color to win, or force your opponents to spell Victim and they lose.