Colorbars – A new colorful casual card game in my Game Room!

This is the official introduction of my recent original game design: Colorbars.

You will be playing cards to a row on the table – your “tableau” – lining up the colored cells on the card to create a “bar” of a continuous color. Each card has random color cells on it, plus some cards allow you to perform some special actions. The longer your color bars, the higher your score after five rounds.

This is a fun family game, and also a light filler for game nights. It can also be played solo to see how high you can score! Available now at the NewVenture webstore and other online retail outlets.

Touring in my Gameroom: “Take a trip and never leave the farm!”

The classic “Touring” card game was published continually for over 60 years. Invented in 1906, it followed the rise of the automobile in popularity. By 1924, the Parker Brothers company added it to their catalog and began a series of updates decade-by-decade. Their artwork and text changes as cars and traveling changed, finally being overshadowed by Mille Bournes in the late 1950s.

The game is a card collection style game in which players are attempting to reach a goal expressed in “miles traveled.” But adding mileage cards is not easy when your competitors can play hazards to your tableau. Flat tires, running out of gas, collisions, and speed limits must be dealt with on your road trip.

The game is surely “dated” but I think it’s still a fun diversions for family game night. Out of print now, but it can still be found in thrift stores and online.

Bonnets, Bustles, and Boots is a Clever Card Game for 3 Players with a Theme of Victorian Fashion

A card game specifically designed for courting couples and their chaperone…their what?

The idea for this original NewVenture card game comes from the late Victorian-era practice of courting couples always have a mature third person with them. This third party would ensure that nothing “unacceptable” wouls transpire between the amorous couple during their time together. Three-player parlor games offered way to acknowledge the chaperone’s presence without offence, and still have a little fun.

The game itself is a blind-bidding game in which players use their cards to try to win “Fan” cards (another essential fashion accessory of the period). These Fan cards are not only the players’ score, but may be sacrificed to win still more Fan cards.

(You don’t have to be a courting couple to play BB&B — just three folks with a few minutes to play a quick card game.)

How To Play Battlefield—a duel of warring factions in a deck of cards!

Battlefield brings medieval armies together in a clash of forces. Each of the two players have a deck of 72 cards representing military units such as Archers, Swordsmen, Cavaliers and Knights. They are joined by the Royal Family and Clerics who inspire their troops. As on any Battlefield, there are events that effect the outcome – some help and some hinder. Available from Red Hen Toys.

In addition, this video introduces two other versions of the game.

The American Civil War edition includes Generals, Infantry, and all units in between. Artillery, Sharpshooters, Spies, and the Corps of Engineers all add to the action in defense of their chosen cause. Play the Union or the Confederacy in an equally balanced confrontation. Click here to buy from Red Hen Toys.

The third game in the series pits fleets of spaceships against each other in Battlefield Space. This version adds a bit more to the game with cards that work together to provide more power and special abilities during the battles. Again, you’ll find events that can help or hinder as you strive to defeat your enemies.Get this exciting version from Red Hen Toys.