Games bring people together. Spirited competition, cooperative puzzle-solving, intellectual challenge, or simple silly fun — games are literally at the center of the social table. Connections with friends, families, or complete strangers builds our real social network and a community that is very much a global phenomenon.

NewVenture Games is just one node in the network, of course, but you can connect in several ways: — You’re already here, of course, but this is where you can dig into the database and learn all about the products, projects, and process. — Follow our Facebook page to keep up with the latest information about our games and what we’re up to. Special offers and opportunities, as well as new products, will be shared there first. Games — The “How To Play” series goes along with our Peg Pastimes games and more. Based on subscriber suggestions and my own diverse interests, the channel also includes videos about game history, the industry, and game concepts. — Our new Instagram page is where we’ll share photos of our handcrafted games and the care we put into creating them.

Peg Pastimes:

40+ Historic Strategy Games from Around the World

The collected history and rules for over 40 classic and traditional games from many cultures spanning 5,000 years of human civilization. Each entry includes a brief history of the game, where and how it developed, and detailed rules to the game.

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