Beggar’s Banquet


Most people in Medieval Europe suffered in abject poverty, many driven to begging in the streets, their survival was entirely at the mercy of the passing nobility. In this game of cards, cubes, and coins, players take on the role of lowly beggars in days of yore. Along the streets of the town are opportunities, and the parade of Nobles and Merchants are your targets for alms. Will they be generous or snub your pleas for aid? Can you reach the wealthy passers-by before the others, and avoid the stern eye of the Constable? Will your malady, real or fake, convince the alms-givers to add to your tattered purse a coin, or to share a meagre crumb of bread? The winner is the player who can acquire the most alms to survive in the harsh world for another day.

This game can be played by 2-6 players ages 12 and up. One game of Beggar’s Banquet takes about 60 Minutes to play.