The Giant’s Causeway is a landmark in Northern Ireland – a formation of basalt columns along the coast of County Antrim. Legend has it that these steppingstones were used by legions of giants in some bygone age as they competed for domination of the Irish coast. In this board game, each player commands a troop of “giants” on the battlefield. Choose from a variety of possible maneuvers available from a hand of cards, each player is attempting to annihilate their opponents’ pieces from the board. The game provides a host of variations – team play, multiple colors per player, free-for-all, variable hand size, sacrificial turns, and more. Causeway is an abstract game for 2 to six players like no other promising hours of challenging fun!

This game can be played by 2-6 players ages 12 and up. One game of Causeway takes about 60 Minutes to play.