Konane Master


This is our deluxe version of Konane. At 5.5 inches square it’s nearly twice the size of our original Peg Pastimes™ game, now with full-color artwork. The larger board provides room for a larger game. The 80 peg holes brings the game up to the standard size  more often used for Konane.

Kōnane is an ancient two-player strategy board game from Hawaii. Before contact with Europeans, the game was played using small pieces of white coral and black lava on a large carved rock which doubled as both board and table. The Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park features one of these ancient stone game boards. It’s sometimes called “Hawaiian Checkers,” but aside from jumping captures there is almost no resemblance. Konane is a simple game to learn for 2 players ages 8+. Average game time is 20 minutes. Made in USA.