Nine Men’s Morris


This is one of the oldest and most popular games in the history of human civilization. Versions are found nearly everywhere in every age, and once you play Nine Men’s Morris, you’ll see why. It is the prime example of the three-in-a-row genre, and the pattern of the board is very recognizable. In the first phase, the two players place one piece per turn on the points of the board, attempting to form a row of three of their pieces. When this is done, they may remove an opponent’s piece. After all pieces are place, the second phase begins, and the pieces can be moved along the lines one space at a time to try to form more rows of three. Sounds simple, and there are more rules of course, but this game remains popular because it is a joy and a challenge to play.

This game can be played by 2 players ages 6 and up. One game of Nine Men’s Morris takes about 10 Minutes to play.

Click Here to watch a video to learn how to play Nine Men’s Morris.