Over The Edge!


In the Age of Exploration, sailing ships and their gallant crews ventured out into the sea not knowing what they might find. Many clung to the ancient vision of the world as a flat disc floating in space, surrounded at the edge of the treacherous oceans. The crew who could find a passage all the way around the “known world” could reap unlimited fame and fortune. In this board game, each player has their ship and crew ready at their home port. Gathering cards while in port, players choose when to take to the open sea and venture around the world. But many dangers await, including the other players! Who will be the first to sail around the known world and return to their home port? Will it be you? Or will your ship fall OVER THE EDGE and be lost forever in the waters of oblivion?

This game can be played by 2-6 players ages 12 and up. One game of Over The Edge! takes about 60 Minutes to play.