Quest for the Orb


Players must cooperate as a team to rescue the Orb from the Kingdom of Dark before they run out of food or get killed by all manner of nasty foes and unfortunate events along the way. There’s enough chance to make it interesting but enough self-determination to keep it exciting. Quest can be played alone or by up to five adventurers, keeping track of the health and possessions of the characters they play on individual status boards. Quest for the Orb is a great introduction to role-playing. With only a couple of charts to consult, the game is very easy to learn and ready to play within minutes. Sometimes you win… sometimes you lose… but every time, you learn something new that can help you on your next Quest.

This game can be played by 1-5 players ages 12 and up. One game of Quest for the Orb takes about 60 Minutes to play.