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Anti-Grid ids an abstract board game for two players in which each player has their own grid to move upon. Moving, blocking, and capturing are all done without the players sharing the same paths and positions. Intriguing patterns emerge in the pursuit of the objective: to eliminate or trap the opposing force so they no longer can achieve a win. Two boards are included with the game for longer or shorter games.

Manipulate your influence on the Nobles and the Craftsman’s Guilds to be the first to complete a bridge for the Baron - a strategic and economic advantage for the Barony. It’s a cut-throat business, with alliances and treachery at every turn.

Most people in Medieval Europe suffered in abject poverty, many driven to begging in the streets, their survival at the mercy of the passing nobility. In this game, players take on the role of lowly beggars. The winner is the player who can acquire the most alms to survive in the harsh world for another day.

From two to six players take on the roles of medieval minstrels, traveling troubadours, and wander storytellers, making their way through the hinterlands of Bohemia. These bards are learning new tales, performing them for patrons at various taverns, and honing their skills as they go. Who can earn the greatest fortune and reputation in just a month?

In Master of Worlds, you must decide to use military might or diplomacy to take control of planets in your ever-expanding galactic empire. Some worlds will prove to be worth more depending on how they enhance your overall strategy, and players will compete for control by deploying their space fleets to these planets. There are also events with may or may not be advantageous, but you can spend "tech cubes" to mitigate, or sometimes even buy-and-sell these cards. Play your cards, dice, and tech cubes carefully, and you can become the Master of Worlds.

In the age of industry, there was a struggle between the inventors and the financiers. Both wanted to further the cause of progress, but each faction pursued that goal in very different ways. It’s money versus science in this game of card play and control, and you’re playing with a partner whose cards you can’t see. As in many partner style card games, you can only hope that your partner has the same strategy in mind as you do. In this game, however, all players have drafted their cards from hands passed around the table. You know what cards you saw, but did your partner take the cards you hoped for?

A planet has been discovered many light years from Earth - a likely candidate for colonization. But before the colonists arrive, they have sent ahead specially bred plants to take root, and hopefully to thrive. The plant breed that survives most successfully in the alien environment will not only begin to transform the planet to accept human life forms, but also will teach the colonial scientists and agronomists much about the challenges they will face. So each player much do their best to seek out sources of nutrition, to grow their plant life through roots and rhizomes, reaching out into the unexplored, and prepare a home for the new colony.

Become an ancient Greek mariner seeking fame and fortune - but more importantly, seek the favor of the wind gods! In a scenario taken from the pages of Homer’s famous epics, Aeolus, Keeper of the Winds, and the eight Greek wind gods demand offerings in their honor. If you can satisfy their demands and fulfill their quests, your trading journey around the Aeolean Islands will be fruitful. The competition is fierce as you trade goods on the islands and sacrifice them to the various gods, but be quick. The gods are fickle!


Zig is a game of cards and cubes for three to five players in which each player is attempting to acquire sets of colored cubes to score points. The card play is unique in that a pair of "Zag" cards is played to a mat in such a way that a connection is made between verbs, numbers, and colors. These combinations result in the exchange of cubes, and aside from a point value, these cubes can be used to purchase additional cards, thereby forming new connections in the next round. Can you utilize the available "Zigs and Zags" effectively to gain more points than your opponents? You have only nine turns to find out!

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