Battlefield:American Civil War

30 min | Age 8+ | 2 Players

This is the second in the Battlefield series of two-player card games. You take the role of either the Union or the Confederacy, represented by a deck of 72 custom cards. These cards depict military officers and units, plus some civilian influences and fateful events that affect the battle's outcome. You control the placement of cards in each skirmish, including combinations that add extra force in the lines of battle. The losers are interred in the graveyard while the winners survive to fight another skirmish as the cards cycle through your hand. Ultimately, one side will triumph, furthering the glory and survival of your nation. But one battle does not win the war, and your armies will surely meet again on the Battlefield.

Category: Casual

One of the first games I had published, Battlefield ws created as a collaboration between my son and I in the early 2000s. He was growing tired of the simple chance-driven games of his youth. We built upon one of his favorites: the card game "War."

Battlefield became a favorite, and found an audience immediately. Later, we developed two other variants of the game, also available from Red Hen Toys. (See the "Related Products" links below.)

I hope you enjoy Battlefield:American Civil War!

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