30 min | Age 8+ | 2 Players

The first of the Battlefield series, this two-player card game simulates a conflict between powerful Medieval armies of equal strength, each player having a deck of 72 cards. Under your command, the leaders of your military units are called into battle, and even the peasants will rally in the name of your King and the Royal Family. Deploy your advance units, assign your reinforcements, and deal with the hand of fate as the weather and other effects can influence the outcome of each skirmish. Archers, Knights, Cavaliers, Pikemen and more are in your control. The winners will survive to fight again, but the losers are consigned to the graveyard. Only one army will ultimately triumph for the glory of the King!

Category: Casual

One of the first games I had published, Battlefield ws created as a collaboration between my son and I in the early 2000s. He was growing tired of the simple chance-driven games of his youth. We built upon one of his favorites: the card game "War."

Battlefield became a favorite, and found an audience immediately. Later, we developed two other variants of the game, also available from Red Hen Toys. (See the "Related Products" links below.)

I hope you enjoy Battlefield:Medieval!

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