10 min | Age 6+ | 2 Players

The game Brandubh is an Irish variation of ancient Norse games, and related to the Welsh game "tawlbrrd." A thousand-year-old carved wooden game board and pegs was found in Balinderry, Ireland. The original rules have never been found, but based on other games of that type, two sets of rules have been developed. The game is "asymmetrical" - meaning that the two players' sets of pegs are different, and their objectives are different. In both variations, the defender wins if they can get their King off the board, or to a specific place on the edges of the board; the attacker wins if they can capture the King before he escapes.

Category: Peg Pastimes

This was included in our first set of historic games from around the world - our first successful Kcikstarter crowd-funding campaign in 2020.

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