30 min | Age 10+ | 2-6 Players

Choose from a variety of possible maneuvers from a hand of cards, each player is attempting to annihilate their opponents’ pieces from the board. The game provides a host of variations - team play, multiple colors per player, free-for-all, variable hand size, sacrificial turns, and more. Hours of challenging fun!

Category: Casual

Personally, this is an abstract I really enjoy. It can be played by two players in several ways: Each player with one color, with two colors, with three colors, side-by-side or opposite, or even alternating. With three players commanding one or two colors each. With teams of players reinforcing each other's tactics. With two teams of three, alternating positions, and taking occassional breaks to strategize in another room... it's battle royal!

I hope you enjoy Causeway!

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