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A Peg Pastimes Game.

A Peg Pastimes Game.

Felli is a two-player strategy game from Morocco. The goal of each player is simply to capture all of your opponent's pieces, or to stalemate the other player by immobilizing their pieces. Movement, turn-by-turn, is simply one space per turn along the lines of the board, and captures are made by short jumps, much like checkers, draughts, or alquerques. (However, no chain jumps are allowed.) Felli is quick little game of strategy and tactics, and a series of games can be played in a short time.

Five Lines is one of the oldest board games known, surviving from ancient Greece where it was known as "Pente Grammai." Around 600 BC the Greek poet Alkaios refered to the game in one of his poems, and clay game boards have been found dating to the same period. Around 500 BC the Athenians wrote that Ajax and Achilles played it during the siege of Troy. Players' pawns race around the outer circle attempting to get their pieces into the peg-holes on the center line by a count of the die. Chance is a significant element in the game, which it has in common with most race games.

This is a dice game with a few cards that affect your die-rolling options, and that of your opponents. The special 8-sided dice have positive and negative symbols on the faces that have various effects. Three to five youthful players have limited die rolls (a press-your-luck feature) as they attempt to combine matching pairs to gain points. The points are recorded by means of small gems, and certain cards can affect the scores as well. It's a fun and fast semi-cooperative game for the whole family.

(Baggara Arabs of Sudan)

In this friendly game of cards and dice, you and a few friends are attempting to roll dice combinations determined by “time cards.” The time cards depict the hours of the day from 1:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight, but you also have “play time” cards that can affect the game, and a “show time” card which allows the players to bend the rules on each round to their advantage. Other plays can earn you some over time (small pocket-watch tokens) and hopefully you won’t run out of time. The main objective is to have a good time while not killing time (which is a crime). So enjoy some quality time during your down time, or maybe just before bed time.

Kōnane is an ancient two-player strategy board game from Hawaii. Before contact with Europeans, the game was played using small pieces of white coral and black lava on a large carved rock which doubled as both board and table. The Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park features one of these ancient stone game boards. Konane is sometimes called “Hawaiian Checkers” - but, aside from jumping captures, there is almost no resemblance. Konane does, however, have some similarities to the games of Leap Frog, and Main Chuki or Tjuki. The more you play, the more you see the deeper strategies.

A Peg Pastimes Game

A Peg Pastimes Game

This is a game from ancient Siam, also played in other parts of southeast Asia (with variations). One player takes on the role of a Tiger, and the other has control of six Leopards. The Tiger eliminates Leopards with a simple jump to an empty space beyond, following the lines on the board. The Leopards' task is to trap the Tiger so it cannot move. It's a common type of game (Hounds and Hares, Fox and Geese, etc.) except for the configuration of the board and the initial "drop phase" of the game.

LBased on the Little Orley stories by Lumpy Barnum, each player has a goal or goals to achieve, visiting places and characters from the whimsical world of Little Orley and his friends. Spin the spinner and choose which path to follow to visit all the characters and locations shown on your cards.