Little Orley's Adventures on the Farm

30 min | Age 8+ | 2-4 Players

Based on the Little Orley stories by Lumpy Barnum, each player has a goal or goals to achieve, visiting places and characters from the whimsical world of Little Orley and his friends. Spin the spinner and choose which path to follow to visit all the characters and locations shown on your cards.

Category: Family Fun

The Little Orley stories are wonderful flights of fancy. If you've never heard on of them, drop over to Red Hen Toys to check out the CD collection. These stories are lovingly told by Lumpy Barnum, the author (better known as Mr. Greenjeans from the old Captain Kangaroo TV show). I wanted to develop a game where kids could relive some of the stories and visit characters and locations from the Little Orley tales.

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