Mining Mars

30 min | Age 10+ | 2-4 Players

In this game of cards and cubes, you assume the role of an entrepreneur in the far future investing in mineral mines on the planet Mars. Each of the two to four players is competing to harvest the raw ore, process it through their refinery, and eventually acquire a fortune to win the game. Some minerals require a longer process to reap the rewards of your investment, and as the factories run you also have a hand of cards that can influence the game in many ways. Can you be first to reach the winning goal - the most successful mining company on Mars?

Category: Casual

I've played games with "bag-pulls" and marketplaces, as well as worker placement. Mining Mars brings together all three, but instead of worker placement it's more of a "resource placement" mechanic. Playtesting is going well, but (as usual) a few refinements are required to get those refineries working smoothly. Watch for production later this year!

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