Pursuit Of Progress

45 min | Age 12+ | 2 or 4 Players

In the age of industry, there was a struggle between the inventors and the financiers. Both wanted to further the cause of progress, but each faction pursued that goal in very different ways. It’s money versus science in this game of card play and control, and you’re playing with a partner whose cards you can’t see. As in many partner style card games, you can only hope that your partner has the same Gamer in mind as you do. In this game, however, all players have drafted their cards from hands passed around the table. You know what cards you saw, but did your partner take the cards you hoped for?

Category: Gamer Games

I enjoy clever word-play, and the roots of this game are in the simple fact that "Investor" and "Inventor" have but one letter difference. Noodling around with that notion, and the love-hate relationship of Investors and Inventors in the birth of the Industrial Age brought out this game. I also manage to integrate some partner-play into it. Hopefully, that will survive the playtesting!

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