Tower Of The Winds

60 min | Age 12+ | 2-6 Players

Become an ancient Greek mariner seeking fame and fortune - but more importantly, seek the favor of the wind gods! In a scenario taken from the pages of Homer’s famous epics, Aeolus, Keeper of the Winds, and the eight Greek wind gods demand offerings in their honor. If you can satisfy their demands and fulfill their quests, your trading journey around the Aeolean Islands will be fruitful. The competition is fierce as you trade goods on the islands and sacrifice them to the various gods, but be quick. The gods are fickle!

Category: Gamer Games

You will notice if you click the "buy" button that the Game Crafter version is called "Aeolus and the Tower of the Winds". Someone recently has released a board game called "Aeolis" and I want to avoid confusion, so this game is being re-named. Still in development, I guess - but you can buy a copy with the old name on it!

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