Victor or Victim?

30 min | Age 8+ | 2-6 Players

Three to five players old enough to recognize the two words "victor" and "victim" can play this quick card game. The cards depict the letters of those two words in three colors, plus a handful of other cards that can influence the flow of the game. With three cards face-up on the table, each player draws a card on their turn then decides which of their cards to pass along to the next player. Through this simple choice, they're trying to force the other players to spell the word "victim" - eliminating them from the game - or to spell the word "victor" from their own cards, thus winning the game. Simple, fast, and fun, Victor or Victim is a great family game for any place and any time.

Category: Family Fun

Victor or Victim is a fun little pass-and-play that eveolved from some wordplay. A quick and simple filler whenever you've got a few friends and a few minutes to spare.

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