60 min | Age 10+ | 2-4 Players

Zig is a game of cards and cubes for three to five players in which each player is attempting to acquire sets of colored cubes to score points. The card play is unique in that a pair of "Zag" cards is played to a mat in such a way that a connection is made between verbs, numbers, and colors. These combinations result in the exchange of cubes, and aside from a point value, these cubes can be used to purchase additional cards, thereby forming new connections in the next round. Can you utilize the available "Zigs and Zags" effectively to gain more points than your opponents? You have only nine turns to find out!

Category: Gamer Games

Working on a new version (cheaper) that will have an actual theme to it. Presently in playtesting!

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Link List - Print-and-Play Files
Zig Poker-size Cards - 20-page PDF
Zig Zig Mats - 3-page PDF
Zig Rules - 3-page PDF