How to Play

The NewVenture YouTube Channel includes three main playlists:

  • Peg Pastimes: I present a little history and background information about each game in the collection, as well full instructions and some bits of strategy to help you play (and win).
  • NewVenture Games: I share stories about the inspiration and development of my original game designs, teach you how to play them, and brag a little about how great they are.
  • Game Stuff: These are videos about table-top games in general. I cover history, research, game collecting and the hobby itself, as well as sharing insights into the creative and production process.


This historic two-player war game has been popular for over 220 years - maybe more. The earliest version was played around 1800 on a Fox and Geese board somewhere in the middle of Europe, and by 1803 was being published as...