How to Play

The NewVenture YouTube Channel includes three main playlists:

  • Peg Pastimes: I present a little history and background information about each game in the collection, as well full instructions and some bits of strategy to help you play (and win).
  • NewVenture Games: I share stories about the inspiration and development of my original game designs, teach you how to play them, and brag a little about how great they are.
  • Game Stuff: These are videos about table-top games in general. I cover history, research, game collecting and the hobby itself, as well as sharing insights into the creative and production process.
Cyber Monday is for Board Game Gifts!

Cyber Monday is for Board Game Gifts!

Black Friday used to mean just the shopping day after Thanksgiving. Now, of course, it lasts for weeks, including Cyber Monday. Tabletop Games are not left out of these holiday spending sprees, with millions of gamers anticipating great bargains. Board games are the...

Take It Personally

When my kids were small, we played games (of course). But we generally played by our own house rules rather than the mundane exercise offered by the publisher. Rules were made to be bent, right? So when the kids pulled out Candyland, we started at the basics. Draw a...