About My Collection

David McCord – “I got games.”

The Addiction

What is it about things that makes one want more? In my case, I’ve always liked collecting things. From stamps, coins, and hats when I was a kid, to Star Trek toys, guitars, and Boy Scout memorabilia. Then board games came along, and I was hooked.

The collection fills two rooms and (as of this writing) comprises over 1650 games. Most have been collected at thrift stores and yard sales, but I sought out many of them at auctions and antique stores, too. Check out a video tour of the collection!

With the booming of the industry in the 21st Century, it’s impossible to acquire and maintain anything like a complete collection. So I specialize in what I like (which I should, I guess). And the addiction continues…

Have you heard of Kickstarter? Wow. Part of my collections is shown in the photos below…

The Games

My collection spans the history of humankind. Obviously, most of the ancient games I have are reproductions, either made by me or commercial versions. But the oldest games in the collection date back to the 1860s. About 25% are pre-1950, maybe 50% from the later 20th Century. The rest are newer.

I do make a lot of reproductions – mostly as gifts or experiments. I do presentations at schools and non-profit groups now and then on games and their history, with knowledge gleaned from my three shelves of books on the subject.

It was calculated for me that I could play a different game from my collection every day for almost four and a half years. And if I played them all as a full-time job, assuming an hour each at 8-hours a day, I’d be playing for 40 weeks (with weekends off). Crazy.

I have a “Delicious Library” database with all the commercially manufactured games logged in. The hand-made and originals are not in there – yet.