This is a game in the “blockade” family, in which the victor immobilizes the opponent’s pegs. The configuration of points and lines on the board are found in many ancient places around the world, from central America to Asia, and all points between. This specific set of rules was devised in eastern Europe in the midst of the Medieval period. Madelinette (by that name) was first mentioned in Britain by Thomas Hyde, a 17th-century English orientalist best known for his role in defining the Persian religion of Zoroaster. He was an expert in the ancient languages of the near east, official interpreter to the King of England, and director of the Bodleian Library at Oxford (one of the oldest libraries in Europe). Hyde wrote De ludis orientalibus libri II in 1694 which mentions this and many other ancient games. One of the most complete descriptions of the game in recent years appears in J. & J. Loader’s 1993 book “Making Board, Peg & Dice Games.” (ISBN: 0946819408)

This game can be played by 2 players ages 8 and up. One game of Madelinette takes about 20 Minutes to play.

Click Here to watch a video to learn how to play Madelinette.