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New & Classic Strategy Games

Tabletop Games from Around the World

Welcome to NewVenture Games™ Here you'll find nearly 100 games currently manufactured in Michigan. These are casual games, suitable for family game nights. Designed to be portable and inexpensive, perfect for a quick game wherever you are. Some are easy to learn (great for younger players), while others involve challenges for the experienced gamer.

Our Peg Pastimes™ collection features more than 60 historic strategy games from around the world (and dating back as far as 5000 years). These culturally significant games are as popular with educators as with game enthusiasts.

Our founder, David McCord, is a game designer/historian who hosts our YouTube channel. His weekly videos highlight the histories of (and how-to-play) new and rare games you'll want to know about.

We occasionally run crowdfunding campaigns for our games and provide downloads of rule booklets, print-and-play files, plus an email newsletter with a peek at games we have in development.

With this many diverse products, we hope you'll discover many new games to play.

And be sure to play every day!