About NewVenture Games

NewVenture Games is the brainchild of David McCord, game designer, artist, and collector. He discovered long ago that table-top games is one of those creative arenas that combines a host of artistic and procedural disciplines – just the kind of thing David enjoys. With few exceptions, all the graphic design and artwork used in NewVenture Games comes from his drawing board and computer.

David is partnered with toy manufacturer/designer Scott Bultman. Scott began working in his family's toy factory in 1982. He has a passion for reviving great toys and games, and keeping them on the market. Making products here in Michigan using eco-friendly, lean manufacturing ensures that great games do not become unavailable.

GAMA and IGA member

Together, these two form NewVenture Games, dedicated to preserving and promoting the classic games of history and inventing a whole new batch of exciting tabletop fun.