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Welcome to the world of NewVenture Games. Glad you could stop by. NewVenture Games is the brainchild of David McCord, game designer, artist, and collector. Here you will find information on games we have in production, how-to-play videos, downloads of rule booklets, print-and-play files, and a peek at what we have in development for the future.

NewVenture Games are casual board and card games suitable for family game night, easy to learn, and fun to play. Some are very light, perfect for younger game players, but others involve challenges for the more experienced gamer.

This little game company has been testing the waters for quite a few years, and only recently have we dove in to the deep end. We began by producing a half dozen card-based games, including Tesla-Master of Lightning, CardBoard, Victor or Victim, and three Battlefield themes.

Card Game, Tesla - Master of Lighting

Then we launched a series of successful Kickstarter campaigns to put together a collection of historic strategy games from around the world called “Peg Pastimes.” There are 40 games in the collection to date, and will be more in the months to come.

In addition to Peg Pastimes, we have other exciting new game designs in various stages of development. We invite you to follow us on Facebook and subscribe to the NewVenture YouTube Channel so you won’t miss out on future product announcements. That’s also where you’ll find info on how to play (and how to win) the dozens of games already in our catalog.

Please wander around the website and see what you can find.

We look forward to enjoying games with you!

Peg Pastimes:

40+ Historic Strategy Games from Around the World

The collected history and rules for over 40 classic and traditional games from many cultures spanning 5,000 years of human civilization. Each entry includes a brief history of the game, where and how it developed, and detailed rules to the game.

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