a bazaar game a fun and dare i say it educational gem from sid sacksons impressive catalog

A Bazaar game! A fun and (dare I say it?) educational gem from Sid Sackson's impressive catalog.

Bazaar is one of my favorites to play with family and friends. Simple to learn, easy to play, and challenging besides. A couple of notes from the editorial desk: 1. There's a third thing that can be done in each player's turn: purchasing a Merchandise Card. I didn't include that specifically, but that action is an end-of-turn option, and if possible, you can purchase two cards in the same turn. 2. I left out the third scoring level (sorry). When a star card has been revealed AND the card you purchase also has a star, the two add together for even more points. (It's all in the rule book, of course). I would love to hear your comments, and especially experiences in playing Bazaar. Google over to Eagle-Gryphon Games where they have "Samarkand Bazaar" for sale. You can find the older versions on line, too, of course.
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