bonnets bustles and boots is a clever card game for 3 players with a theme of victorian fashion

Bonnets, Bustles, and Boots is a Clever Card Game for 3 Players with a Theme of Victorian Fashion

A card game specifically designed for courting couples and their chaperone...their what? The idea for this original NewVenture card game comes from the late Victorian-era practice of courting couples always have a mature third person with them. This third party would ensure that nothing "unacceptable" wouls transpire between the amorous couple during their time together. Three-player parlor games offered way to acknowledge the chaperone's presence without offence, and still have a little fun. The game itself is a blind-bidding game in which players use their cards to try to win "Fan" cards (another essential fashion accessory of the period). These Fan cards are not only the players' score, but may be sacrificed to win still more Fan cards. (You don't have to be a courting couple to play BB&B — just three folks with a few minutes to play a quick card game.)

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