tâb is a challenging running fight board game from ancient egypt and beyond

Tâb is a challenging "Running Fight" board game from ancient Egypt (and beyond).

Tâb was rediscovered by archeologists a century ago in digs throughout the eastern Mediterranean. It was a game that appears to have been popular with all classes, and traveled along the trade routes as far east as India and west to Tripoli. It’s one of the few ancient games that we know the rules to, because it was observed being played even into the 19th century. This is a “running fight game” very similar to the Indian game Tablan and resembling Daldøs which is played in Scandinavia. In this type of game, the player’s pieces cycle through a gauntlet of conflict on the board, capturing opposing pieces as they follow a path, usually in opposite directions. Tâb features some specifics about each player’s “home row” that coaxes them into the fight. Staying safe at home is not an option!
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