The new Flex Board from NewVenture!

The new Flex Board from NewVenture!

As we expand our product line, we continually improve our production methods, seek out new sources for components, and get better at what we do!

For our Peg Pastimes line of historic games (and other peg-board games in the catalog), we are finding new ways to automate the process of printing and drilling the hard maple (our material of choice).

One of our latest innovations is what we call the “Flex Board.” For board games of a more traditional kind, we needed a way to produce a game board of at least 16x16 inches, and something that we could deliver in our standard packaging if at all possible.

We found it in our Flex Board concept. First, the board artwork is printed full-color on a thin flexible material that is impregnated with metalic elements. The second component is a set of “backer sheets” that are magnetized. These backers can hold together two halves of a large gameboard. And the entire product rolls up to fit into our standard game box (similar to what’s done by other publishers with neoprene game mats).

The first product we published with this board material was BoxOff Gem Edition (shown above), the outstanding solo “brain game” invented by Steven Meyers. The second is the board game Stones, featured in this month’s Product Spotlight.

Flex Boards have proven to be a hit, and we have several other games now utilizing the system that are in the final rounds of playtesting.

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