the table top game trend is thousands of years old

The Table-Top Game Trend is Thousands of Years Old

“Wherever humans traveled—for trade, for conquest, or simply for survival—they took their games with them.” The historic board games they played offer insights into their cultures, what was important to them, and how they spent their precious free time. Above all, these games are fun and challenging, which is why they’ve survived for centuries. I've been playing and collecting board games for over 60 years and my collection has grown to well over 1,700 games, ranging from 19th century curiosities to plastic toy-games of the 1960s to modern “hobby games.” My new book – Peg Pastimes – will take you on a journey through 50 centuries of game-playing with stories and instructions for over 40 of the most popular games in human history. It's a compilation of rules from all these games in one volume, along with an overview of each game’s history. This 168-page book includes a glossary of game-playing terms and game board graphics that you can reproduce for your own enjoyment.
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