Top Ten Favorite Games

Top Ten Favorite Games

I’ve played a lot of games in my time on this planet (so far). I can hardly estimate the total. It might even be over a thousand. I never compiled a list of the games I’ve played, so it would be impossible to remember every one, let alone apply any kind of comparative rating.

I’m not just trying to get out of work. Well… maybe a little bit. But seriously, I can’t recall what I played two weeks ago.

My favorite game is, at best, a moving target.

But in response to the challenge, I can consider the IDEA of choosing favorites.

The criteria for such a decision begin with the subjective “Did I enjoy the experience? Did I have fun? Do I want to play it again? And (if I don’t own it) do I want to buy a copy?”

That answer would cover about 75% of all the games I’ve ever played.

But then, it depends greatly on my mood. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a light roll-and-move, or a simple set-collecting card game. Other times I’m craving a sprawling 4-hour epic four-X adventure. Two more lists started.

I have some favorites that some game-playing friends don’t want to play. So my criteria include, “who’s playing the game with me?” Or is that a separate list? Favorite games to play with “group B”? Or “C”? Or “D”?

And then there are all those games I’ve only played once. It sometimes takes me a few walks around the block to see if I like the neighborhood. My favorite game lies in wait just around the corner.

Can the favorite be deduced from frequency? What ten games do I play the most?

I could guess, I guess.

Short answer: I don’t have “A” favorite game, or even “10” favorite games. I’ll need to pare down the objective to even attempt such a task.

Favorite games with predominantly red boxes?

Favorite dexterity games? (There’s nothing on that list; I’m a very bad flicker.)

Favorite games with numbers in the title?

Favorite games that use the phrase “act out” or “persuade”. (That would be a very short list!)

Favorite games that I never get to play? (That challenge shows promise.)

So you see the problem? I should look through the collection maybe.

Stand by for more results in future episodes.

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