This race game for 2 to 4 players comes to us from Korea. Very similar games have been played in other cultures as well. It’s a horse race, and each player has four horses. The moves are determined by tossing four coins, and players may send opposing pieces back to the start if they end their movement on the same space. The race starts at North, there are shortcuts on the board at the East, South, and West points, and horses cross the finish line by existing at the North where they began. Unlike some race games, there are no “safe” spaces, so your horses might get sent back to start at any time. The shortcuts will help, but don’t count on them to win the game.

This game can be played by 2-4 players ages 6 and up. One game of Nyout takes about 30 Minutes to play.

Click Here to watch a video to learn how to play Nyout.