Tesla - Master of Lightning

30 min | Age 12+ | 2-6 Players

Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest scientific minds in history, invented many aspects of our modern world and conceived of a future that is being realized every day. This card game, which can be played by two to six players, embodies many inventions and events from Tesla's roller-coaster life - great success and great failure in equal portions. Through rounds of blind-bidding, you will (hopefully) acquire cards to build your own deck of powerful cards, increasing your ability to win more power round after round. In fact, your final score is measured by how much voltage you can generate at the end of the game. Learn about this fascinating genius as you play Tesla, Master of Lightning.

Category: Casual

Tesla, inventor of our modern technological world. Surely the most famous obscure engineer that deserves fame. This game is an homage to the man and his science, deliberately in response to a personal challenge.

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